Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Virgo Birthday Celebration! - Custom Constellation Place Cards - Handmade by Dorana

A Virgo Birthday celebration!

I was contacted in August about designing constellation place cards for a birthday celebrating a Virgo!  

The guest list was a manageable 25 and after a little brainstorming we came up with the idea of getting all of the guests' birthdays and create each place card personalized with their own sign of the Zodiac!  

With just a couple of days to make the deadline for Canada delivery, I quickly "hammered" - LOL- through the order creating the stars of each guests' Zodiac sign constellation and hand embossing each hand carved Greek Illustration onto the cards.  It felt like I zoomed right through the task.

I began to practice scripting out the guests names and was tested by the uniqueness of many!  The resulting practice page created beautiful patterns.

The result was a very beautiful collection of unique names and oddly similar signs!                                  

I was thrilled to get a lovely thank you note from the buyer and photos of the birthday party!  

"Thank you so much for making our event so special with the place cards. Everyone loved them and it was great holding them up to the candles to make out the constellations. The colours went great with our overall theme.

Everyone treasured them and took them home!

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