The Guest Book & Place Card WallTM

The Guest Book & Place Card WallTM
** The Place Card DressTM and Place Card & Guest Book WallTM Patent-Pending
Handmade Events by Dorana © 2013 - 2014

  • Choose a Meaningful Mural or Monogram
  • Choose 4ft, 5ft, 10ft Wide by 7ft Tall
  • Convert to Guest Book & Place Card Wall
  • Choose Custom Cards & Tags
  • Personalized Satin or Chiffon Ribbons
  • Self-Standing Mural/Room Divider OR Custom Favor Wands
In the ever-growing extravagance that weddings, birthdays, and rights of passage have become, the ONE element that often goes without much flair, personality or "wow" factor:

The Place Card Table.

The traditional Place Card Table, with classic tent cards (usually dressed up business cards!) self standing with generic names and table numbers, do little to set the tone of your event or reception.  

We recently attended a wedding where it was the FIRST thing that guests saw upon arrival at the venue!

Imagine having another opportunity to create an unforgettable event that will have EVERYONE TALKING!

Personalize YOUR Place Card Table and leave a memorable impression on your guests with your very own custom  

Looking for a fresh alternative to the common event d├ęcor?  Let us create a custom PuffScape Mural or Monogram as the backdrop to your ceremony or event.   

First date in the city?  

Proposal at the beach?   

Met in college?   

Our artist can paint with puffs and recreate the New York Skyline, a gorgeous sunset at the pier, or your college mascot as the backdrop to your ceremony or reception – a perfect background for group photos!   

After your wedding, take your special mural home and use it to decorate your family room, nursery or use as an amazing headboard.

Each mural is created by hundreds of handmade tissue paper flowers that each have a patent-pending core that are transformed into Guestbook & Place Card Holders, a more meaningful moment!
  •   GUESTBOOK WALL after your custom monogram or mural panel is used as your ceremony backdrop, the self-standing frame with optional caster wheels can be moved to the cocktail area where it will double as the "Photo Booth" background and transformed into the GUESTBOOK! 
    • Attach customized postcard-sized cards with personalized ribbons where each guest can leave personal messages to the bride and groom that can be read on their first anniversary!
  •  PLACE CARD WallTM - the custom PLACE CARD TAGS & RIBBONS replace the Guestbook Cards.

    • CHOOSE HANDCRAFTED CARDS or luxurious tags  & PERSONALIZED RIBBONS - choose from hand-embossed monogram or patterns on delicious paper such as handcrafted, seeded papers or superfine Mohawk tags with a color core and customizable photo on one side and your guests names and table numbers on the other

    •  SEND US YOUR GUEST LIST - choose to have your guest list preprinted on your choice of cards or tags or handscripted in metallic gold, silver or bronze inks or classic black along with their table number.  
    • PLACE CARD MAP - optional map board of your dress can be created to guide your guests to their alphabetically organized card or opt to appoint a guest of honor to be on hand to help guests locate their special Place Card
 Your custom PuffScape Mural can be created in two ways:

    Want to KEEP your MURAL and use it as a ROOM DIVIDER after your wedding?  

    Guests will grab their cards and attached ribbons leaving the dress intact to use as a room divider or accent wall after your wedding! 

  2.  PLACE CARD FAVOR WALL!  Choose to transform each individual flower and Place Card holder into a magical flower wand that duals as a Place Card AND FAVOR! 
Guests will be delighted as they each pull a beautiful handmade paper flower from your breathtaking Place Card Mural allowing them to forever remember the "more meaningful moment" as they take a piece of your wedding backdrop in your choice of colors and accents.

We add extra long 22" personalized ribbons to each wand both at the center and the base of the tissue paper flower, a reusable colorful and eco-friendly acrylic or handmade stainless steel straw as the wand, and a premium jingle bell at the center.

Imagine 200 guests waving their wands with the sweet chime of the bells in the air each time the bride and groom kiss!! 

A BEAUTIFUL photo opp and "more meaningful gift!"

    • Card or Tags
    • Chiffon or Satin Ribbons - personalize with name, date, favorite quote, wedding song 
    • Acrylic OR Handmade Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws
    • Silver or white jingle bells 

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