Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Meaningful Moments - Celebrating Generations - Place Card DressTM

I am delighted to share my proudest project yet! 

We have been working with a Spring 2015 bride who was looking for something special - a more meaningful option for her wedding centerpieces. 

 She had fallen in love with and ordered a custom Place Card Dress for her wedding and wanted to know how we could continue these meaningful accents throughout her reception.

Her custom Place Card Dress: 

Hand-cut rounded edge flowers in satin finish ivory tissue paper, rhinestone mesh embellishments and luxurious ivory satin ribbon.  Finished with personalized metallic silver printed chiffon ribbon and mini place card tags.

Hand-cut rounded edge tissue paper flowers

Satin ribbon details

During our many personal planning sessions for her Place Card Dress I was touched by all of the special moments she had planned throughout the ceremony and reception with her family.

I suggested that instead of the traditional floral centerpieces, the least economical and echo friendly which die in a few days, I could create a miniature dress for each table representing the generations of wedding dresses in the family and bridal party - remembering the past while celebrating their future!

I received pictures of the 17 wedding dresses of the bride and groom's best friends, siblings, cousins, aunts, parents and grandparents.  

As each photo arrived, I'd squeal in delight immediately running to see what ribbon, fabric, embellishment I had in my huge stash of materials that might work to recreate that special dress and jotted down a million notes and sketches for the next shopping trip!

I will be making 2ft versions of each dress creating the loops of each flower a little larger than the Place Card Dress' flowers so that once the dresses have finished their role as table centerpieces, they will then be gifted to each special friend and family member as a gift from the happy couple and then be used as a special jewelry stand!

Each patented center loop on each flower can be used to hold earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!

A truly "more meaningful gift" made with love in the hopes of creating a "more meaningful moment" at that spring wedding!

Please contact me to find out how we can create a more meaningful moment and gifts for your next event!

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